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Apoquel Meds for Dogs: A Helpful Guide

Dispensed by an Australian registered pharmacy

Dispensed by an Australian registered pharmacy

All medication is APVMA  or TGA registered

All medication is APVMA or TGA registered

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Fast & convenient delivery Australia wide

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Legendary customer service team

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For dog owners navigating the challenges of pet allergies, Apoquel meds for dogs represent a potential option for managing symptoms such as itching and inflammation. Understanding the right dosage, administration, and safety is crucial for any pet owner considering this treatment. 

That’s where Pet Chemist steps in. 

With our focus on convenience and reliability, we make accessing Apoquel easier than ever. This article delves into the essential aspects of Apoquel meds for dogs, equipping you with the knowledge needed to discuss this treatment option with your veterinarian and highlighting how we can simplify the process of managing Apoquel meds for dogs.

Supporting Your Dog’s Apoquel Treatment Plan

Helping your dog feel better with Apoquel means knowing how to give it to them correctly and keeping up with vet visits. Here’s an easy way to understand what you need to do:

Tailoring Apoquel Dosage

The amount of Apoquel meds for dogs depends on how much they weigh. Your vet can advise on the correct dosage for your pet. It’s important to see the vet regularly so they can check that the medicine is working well and not causing any problems.

Monitoring Treatment Duration

At first, your dog may take Apoquel more often, usually twice a day for fourteen days. After that, they will usually take it once a day. It’s important to watch how your dog is doing when you change how much medicine they get. If you’re not sure, or if they start feeling itchy again, talk to your vet. They might need to change the treatment plan a little.

Following what your vet says about how much Apoquel medication to give, how to give it, and for how long is really important for helping your dog feel better. This way, you make sure they’re getting the help they need to keep feeling good.

With Pet Chemist, you’re not just receiving medication such as dog deworming tablets or pain meds for dogs; you’re getting peace of mind. With over 130,000 medication orders processed since 2017 and a wide range of over 500 pet medications, your dog’s health is in reliable hands.

We make adherence to treatment plans involving Apoquel meds for dogs simpler with our convenient service offerings, including FREE SHIPPING on your first medication order with the code: FSMEDSNC, ensuring you have a hassle-free way to keep your pet’s medication stocked.

All medications are dispensed by an Australian registered pharmacy, ensuring that every product is APVMA or TGA registered and sourced from Australian wholesalers and manufacturers. Plus, buying any online vet prescriptions medication entitles you to save 5% off every retail product, making us a cost-effective solution for your pet’s healthcare needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Apoquel and how does it work?

Apoquel for dogs (oclacitinib) is a medication that helps your furry friend with allergies by reducing itching and inflammation. It works by blocking certain proteins called janus kinases, which are involved in the allergic response. This action helps to quickly relieve the symptoms of allergies, often within 24 hours, without the side effects commonly associated with steroids, such as an upset stomach. 

Apoquel is available in tablets and chews, which makes them easy to administer, ensuring dogs get the relief they need efficiently. Plus, with Pet Chemist, you can save up to 50% on pet medication, including top brands like Apoquel, making it a cost-effective option for managing your dog's skin conditions.

Can Apoquel be used on puppies or senior dogs?

Apoquel is suitable for dogs over twelve months old. It’s not recommended for very young puppies due to limited testing in this age group. For senior dogs, a vet’s assessment is necessary to determine if Apoquel is the right choice, especially if they have other health issues or are on medication. 

It’s also not advised for dogs with severe infections or those that are pregnant, nursing, or breeding. Consulting with a veterinarian is important to avoid any potential interactions with other medications.

How can I get a prescription for apoquel for my dog?

Starting with a consultation with your veterinarian is key to getting Apoquel meds for dogs to ensure they’re the right fit for your dog.

Once you get an Apoquel prescription, you can purchase your itching treatment for dogs from us at Pet Chemist, where you can find all the best pet medication online.

Our legendary Aussie customer support team is here to make the process of getting an online pet prescription easy, and with AutoShip, you’ll never run out of essential supplies. 

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