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4CYTE For Dogs: Is this the best joint supplement for dogs?

4CYTE For Dogs: Is this the best joint supplement for dogs?

4CYTE for dogs has become the go-to for people looking for the best joint supplements for dogs. As the number of senior pets rises, so does the demand for nutraceuticals to help ease the pain of dogs with osteoarthritis.

Of course, joint supplements are not just for senior dogs. Large or overweight dogs have to deal with far more wear and tear on their joints and need extra support. Likewise, even young dogs can be diagnosed with conditions like hip dysplasia, which is where 4CYTE comes in.

So let’s look at the benefits, what makes this supplement work, and what you need to know about 4CYTE.

What is 4CYTE for dogs?

4CYTE is a unique dog and horse joint supplement with several unusual ingredients. It comes in a packet that you mix into your dog’s food daily.

For optimal results, you want to use 4CYTE consistently over the lifespan of large and giant-breed dogs.

Don’t worry; dogs love the taste of 4CYTE, so you’ll have no problem adding this to their meals.

Is 4CYTE good for dogs?

4CYTE is very good for dogs. Its main benefits are the many bioactive compounds in it that are anti-inflammatory. This helps to reduce pain in dogs with degenerative joint problems such as osteoarthritis. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, 4CYTE not only acts as a pain reliever but also helps reduce the progression of joint disease by stimulating healthy cartilage production and repairing damaged joints.

This is especially important for giant or large breed dogs who grow extremely quickly and need all the help, they can get to preserve their bones and cartilage.

It’s also a good supplement for dogs that:

  • Show signs of stiffness
  • Show any lameness
  • Have trouble getting up or lying down
  • Don’t seem to want to move much anymore
  • Are overweight
  • Are extremely active and athletic
  • seem reluctant to go on walks or engage in previous activities they enjoy.

Although this supplement is specifically for joints, many of its properties can be helpful to a dog’s overall health. By reducing inflammation in the body, dogs can better prevent several health complications like heart disease and even “doggy dementia” as they age.

How much 4CYTE can I give my dog?

A packet of 4CYTE generally lasts quite a while because it is effective in small doses. This means an 11 to 20kg dog can use a single 100g sachet over 120 days.

However, if you do have a larger dog, consider getting the 4CYTE granules for horses, as this can save money in the long term.

Here are the guidelines for the maintenance dose per a dog’s body weight.

Loading Dose1 scoop2 scoops4 scoops6 scoops8 scoops
Maintenance Dose1/2 scoop1 scoop2 scoops3 scoops4 scoops

Remember that the loading dose is for the first two weeks, and thereafter you can revert to the maintenance dose.

What’s in 4CYTE for dogs?

If you’re wondering how 4CYTE works, let’s look at each of the ingredients in turn and see what the science says about them and how they can benefit your dog.  

  • Green-lipped mussel extract

Native to New Zealand, the Green-lipped Mussel, or Greenshell Mussel, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, iron, iodide, selenium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, and zinc.

They also inhibit enzymes and proteins that cause inflammation. In fact, they contain a type of fatty acid called furan fatty acid, which is very difficult to detect but is an even more potent anti-inflammatory than the more common omega-3 fatty acid, EPA.

Therefore, green-lipped mussel extract has been shown to help alleviate pain and inflammation, specifically in the musculoskeletal system, for conditions like arthritis.

  • Marine Cartilage

The most often recommended joint supplement for dogs is glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. Most glucosamine is harvested from shellfish, specifically from the shells and the cartilage (connective tissue). The connective tissue in fish and shellfish has several great bioactive compounds that help joints.

Even in a prawn shell, you will have high levels of joint-friendly chitin, collagen, and some glucosamine and chondroitin. Chitin has some medicinal properties for wound healing.

  • Abalone

Abalone, an expensive delicacy in Asia, is increasingly showing promise for having many powerful bioactive molecules, just like green-lipped mussels. Studies on horses have been promising. Abalone specifically shows signs of relieving pain and inflammation in conditions like arthritis and slowing the progression of joint diseases.

  • Epiitalis

Epiitais is a fascinating new neutraceutical on the market. It is a plant oil extract that forms the basis of 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte. One study showed that in 50 dogs with osteoarthritis, 79% of dogs showed an improvement in their gait after one month of use. That’s an extremely promising result!

Can 4CYTE make dogs sick?

4CYTE has been extensively tested on dogs and is considered completely safe. It should not make dogs sick. However, it has not been tested on pregnant or lactating dogs, so it is better not to feed it to them to be safe.

Of course, anything could potentially make a dog sick in the event a dog has an allergy or food sensitivity. So stick to the recommended dosage and exercise and be alert to potential health issues that may arise in very rare instances.

Final thoughts  

4CYTE is a leading joint supplement on the market because it works. While nothing can completely cure osteoarthritis, 4CYTE can certainly make a dog more comfortable and slow the progression. It’s also a great supplement for protecting the joints of young large dogs, or active dogs that put strain on their joints.


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