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8 must-have products for puppies

8 must-have products for puppies

If you’re getting ready to welcome the newest furry family member to your home, congratulations! However, puppies require a lot, and I mean, a lot of work. And the work begins long before your puppy’s arrival.

Preparing your home for the arrival of your puppy can be overwhelming but it’s important to ensure that you are well-equipped with everything he needs to grow up healthy and happy. So, let’s dive straight into the top must-have products for puppies.

Quality puppy food

Puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs, so it is essential to find puppy food specifically designed for growing bodies. It is also important to make sure your puppy food is of high quality and contains all of the nutrient-rich ingredients your growing pup needs, as this will impact your puppy’s health in the long run.

Our vets recommend the Royal Canin and Hill’s Science Diet puppy foods which are available for a range of different breeds and dog sizes.

Effective parasite control

Parasites like fleas, ticks and worms can be spread from other pets or wildlife, or found in your home, garden or at the park. So effective parasite control is essential for a happy and healthy puppy. There are three main groups of parasites we aim to protect our pets from:

  • Intestinal worms
  • Heartworm (spread by mosquitoes)
  • Fleas, and
  • Ticks

There are many different types of parasite control products available on the market, that prevent or control different parasites. There are even some that cover a wide range of common parasites in one treatment, such as Nexgard Spectra or Simparica Trio.

Some products are only recommended for puppies above a certain age or above a certain weight, so please contact us via email or live chat if you would like more advice. If you’re unsure about what treatment is most effective for your pet, please contact a local vet in your area.

A collar and leash

You will need a collar and leash to take your puppy on walks, in the car, and to the vet. Make sure to get a collar that fits your puppy snugly but is not too tight, as this can be uncomfortable for your puppy and provoke bad behavior during walks and puppy training.

It’s also a good idea to organise an ID tag to add to your puppy’s collar if he decides to Houdini himself out of the yard and take it upon himself to go on a solo walk.

Pet Bedding

Puppies need a place to sleep and relax, and a pet bed or crate is an absolute necessity unless you’re prepared to share your bed (we do not recommend this). Make sure your puppy has a comfortable bed to sleep in, and if you are using a crate for potty training purposes, make sure it is big enough for your puppy to stand up and turn around in.

Toys & Chews

Obviously, you can’t spend 100% of your day (and night) with your puppy, so making sure he has enough stimulation through toys is a great idea unless you enjoy neighbours complaining about him crying from boredom. We recommend looking into kongs, dental ropes, and other toys that capture their attention for long periods.

These are just a few of the many puppy products you will need to care for your new furry friend. Make sure to do your research and talk to your veterinarian about what is best for your specific puppy. With the right supplies, you can help make puppyhood a fun and rewarding experience!

Vaccinations for puppies

All puppies need vaccinations to protect them from dangerous diseases. Make sure you take your puppy to the vet for his vaccinations according to the schedule recommended by your veterinarian.

You can keep up with all of our pet care tips and advice by following along on Instagram and Facebook. You can also email our team of friendly staff at for any further information regarding the newest member of your family.


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