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Are KONG dog toys worth it?

Are KONG dog toys worth it?

Dog KONG toys are by far one of the favourite toys relied on by dog trainers and owners worldwide. The simple and genius design makes it one of the sturdiest toys on the market and has yet to be improved.

But is the KONG really worth it? And what makes one of the best dog enrichment toys on the market? Let’s look at what the KONG is and why it’s so superior. Make sure to check out our extensive collection of KONG dog toys too!

Why KONG is the number 1 toy for dogs

KONG toys are rubber dog toys that are designed to be durable and bouncy. They come in various shapes and sizes, and can be filled with food or other treats to keep dogs entertained. It’s also a very common reward in training for dogs motivated by toys.

The KONG is best used to keep dogs occupied with extraordinarily resilient and durable rubber that can withstand the best efforts of any power chewer.

In terms of toughness, the black KONG Extreme is ideal for super chompers, while the classic red KONG is the staple of any dog lover’s toy collection.

For teething puppies, the puppy KONG is designed to be gentler on those delicate puppy milk teeth.

Keeping multiple KONGs handy means you always have one on rotation to keep your pup busy.

Are KONGs worth it?
5 benefits of KONGs for dogs

To understand what makes the KONG worth it, let’s look at the primary benefits of KONGs for dogs.

  1. The first, the KONG toy is highly durable. Perhaps one of the hardiest and most resilient chew toys on the market, it can withstand the most determined chompers. This is important, as it means the toy will last a long time, providing hours of entertainment for your dog.
  2. KONG toys are a great way to keep your dog entertained. The toy can be filled with treats or food, keeping your dog engaged and entertained. Giving your dog a KONG is one of the simplest ways to tire your puppy out before a nap.
  3. The KONG is a great way to keep your dog occupied. If you must leave your dog home alone, the KONG toy can keep them occupied and entertained and provide vital mental stimulation to avoid destructive behaviours. This is perfect for helping to reduce boredom and anxiety. Thus, it is one of the top toys to stimulate your dog.
  4. This toy is a great way to help your dog reduce stress. The toy can be filled with different types of treats or food, keeping your dog entertained and stressed-free. This is particularly helpful for dogs with separation anxiety who need something to focus on while you’re away.
  5. It is a great way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. Chewing an object helps remove dental plaque and keeps their teeth healthy. The KONG is durable enough not to be a choking hazard but still soft enough not to damage your pup’s teeth.

Tips to get the most out of a KONG toy

To really make a KONG worth it and avoid a host of behaviour issues, you can use these tips to put your KONGs to work.

  1. Buy a KONG one size bigger than you think is right for your dog. This way, they grow less frustrated getting the food filling out, and it tends to hold their attention longer.
  2. Keep things simple. It’s fine to fill the KONG with something yummy as an occasional treat, but it’s simpler and better to wet a dog’s regular food and freeze it in the KONG . Freezing your dog’s daily food rations in a few KONGs is a great way to make dinner time an enriching and interactive experience. Rather than eating a bowl in one minute, a dog can spend time getting their food out of a KONG. This way, you avoid overfeeding your dog with too many high-calorie treats.
  3. Buy multiple KONGs. You can switch it out for the next as soon as your dog has finished one KONG. You can easily keep four or more KONGs on rotation to avoid running out when you need one.
  4. Give your dog a KONG when they need to settle on their bed or in a crate. This is the best way to make crate time satisfying and rewarding.
  5. Once your dog learns to love the KONG, you can work it into your training and bonding time by using it as a big reward for good behaviour.

The KONG is not only worth it but an essential item for many trainers and dog lovers. Once you and your pup get used to using a KONG in your daily routine, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Keeping multiple KONGs on rotation is the perfect way to always have something on hand to keep your pup busy and to allow them to settle. It’s perfect for channelling their instincts to chew, and the variety of KONGs allows for all dogs, from those with delicate puppy teeth to power chompers.


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