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Best price on Bravecto

Best price on Bravecto

Bravecto is one of the most effective, long-lasting, and easiest-to-use treatments on the market; that’s why Pet Chemist is determined to provide Bravecto at the lowest prices.

The last thing you want to do over the holidays is worry about an emergency trip to the vet. With past instances of a nationwide shortage of Tick Anti-Serum (TAS), the only treatment for the paralysis tick’s venom, it’s more essential than ever to stock up on the best tick and flea treatment.

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Still, with the festive season upon us, we know you need to cut expenses, so we’re here to make Bravecto more affordable than ever. So let’s look at what makes Bravecto the best choice for your pet’s parasite control and why Pet Chemist offers the cheapest prices on Bravecto.

Why choose Bravecto to treat ticks & fleas in Australia?

Keeping up with a regular tick & flea schedule can be an unnecessary source of stress. Many owners prefer the Bravecto range because:

  • The standard Bravecto chewable gives your pet protection up to 3 times longer than the more common treatments. This gives you peace of mind, meaning you only need to treat your pet four times a year instead of every month.
  • The chews mean that the treatment can’t wash off. There is also no risk of a tick-and-flea collar becoming too loose and falling off, leaving your pet unprotected.
  • Most pets are happy to eat the Bravecto chewable without pet owners resorting to hiding it in food or forcing them.
  • For fussy pets – especially our feline friends – who refuse to eat the chews, Bravecto has the spot-on treatment option. This includes two pipettes in Bravecto for cats, meaning your cat is protected for six months.
  • If the three-month chew option is not within budget, Bravecto also supplies the one-month treatment. This is particularly helpful for puppies who may outgrow their weight bracket in a month.

What is the difference between Bravecto & Bravecto plus for cats?

Standard Bravecto chews and spot-on treatments protect your pet against mites like scabies, ticks, and fleas. Bravecto Plus also protects cats against heartworm, ear mites, roundworm, and hookworm.

If you suspect you have an animal struggling with fleas, see our article on what flea eggs look like and the best flea advice.

How long do the Bravecto chews last?

The standard Bravecto chews for dogs option protects your pet from the following:

  • Fleas for three months,
  • paralysis ticks for four months,
  • And two months from brown dogs ticks & bush ticks.

The paralysis tick is the most deadly for cats and dogs, as a single bite can quickly be fatal. So the extra-long protection that Bravecto affords us against these little nasties can be a literal lifesaver. Don’t let any TAS shortage leave your pet unprotected!

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Pet Chemist Bravecto product best price deals & savings to protect your pet from ticks & fleas

Pet Chemist offer some of the lowest prices online on big brand pet products like Bravecto, to help make pet ownership more affordable. Pet owners’ favourite necessities, such as Bravecto Spot On For Dogs, are available at around 30% off the RRP.

This means Bravecto Spot-On for Dogs (6-month treatment) is dropped from $94.03 to a mere $65.82. This means your dog is fully protected for only $10.97 a month for the next six months.

Even without auto shipping, we are confident this is the lowest price for Bravecto for dogs on the Australian market this holiday season.

And cat owners are certainly not left out:

  • One pack of Bravecto Spot on plus protects your cat for two months, including deworming and heartworm prevention during mosquito season.
  • The two-pack option of Bravecto Spot on Plus gives your feline friend freedom from parasites for four months. So if you buy now in December, you will only need to worry about a parasite treatment for your cat again in April. (if you’re worried about forgetting, don’t worry, that’s what our scheduled AutoShip option is for!)

Pet Chemist’s prices for Bravecto mean you pay just over $11 per month to protect your cat from ticks, fleas, intestinal worms, mites, and even heartworm. This is not only the cheapest price for Bravecto you can find anywhere, but it’s possibly the lowest price you’ll have to pay for a complete anti-parasite treatment for your kitty, including intestinal worm and heartworm protection.

And before you ask, these prices are for cats and dogs of all sizes and weights. This means Maine Coone and Great Dane Parents can finally give their wallets a much-deserved break.

Pet Chemist price match policy

For any Bravecto product not on offer, sale, or promotion, Pet Chemist will consider matching the price if you find it cheaper from a competitor. Just make sure to let them know before purchasing. 

Free shipping & AutoShip

If you are buying Bravecto for multiple pets or other products from Pet Chemist, you are eligible for free standard shipping for purchases over $49. This saves you on shipping fees right to your door.

Another major help is our AutoShip option which allows you to schedule your Bravecto Treatments so that you never run the risk of leaving your pet unprotected. Autoship can save you up to 20% on Bravecto’s regular prices. This way, you ensure you always get the best deal on Bravecto products no matter the time of year.

Final thoughts

With the massive resurgence of ticks, keeping our pets safe during the Summer months doesn’t have to break the bank. You can certainly get your dog and cat fully protected for the lowest possible prices by shopping Pet Chemist’s Bravecto range.

Prices included in this article are correct as at date of publication. 


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