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FAQs about flea, tick and worming your pet

In this comprehensive guide to flea, tick and worm treatment for dogs and cats, we’ll break down some myths and provide information on signs, symptoms, treatments, and prevention while answering your most frequently asked questions.

Managing your pet’s weight

Read on to learn how to recognise signs of excess weight and how to create a healthy diet plan for your pet, including recommendations for weight loss dog and cat food.

Your new puppy or kitten checklist

The thrill of welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your home is unlike anything else. Here’s a handy checklist to ensure you have everything you need to provide them with a long, happy, and content life with you and your family.

How to help manage your pet’s anxiety and stress around the holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for pets, with all the changes in routine and commotion. Here are some tips to help your pets stay calm and happy.

Caring for your aging companion: Essential tips for senior dog and cat wellness

Learn to care for your senior dog or cat during Senior Pet Month. Discover key products and insights for their health, diet, and comfort with Pet Chemist.

Diabetes in pets – How to treat it, by Dr Ingrid Goodman 

The goal of treating diabetes in pets is to make them feel as well and energetic as they did normally. Dr Ingrid Goodman highlights the ways to treat & manage diabetes in cats and dogs.

Diabetes in pets – What signs to look for, by Dr Ingrid Goodman

Like humans, diabetes in pets can be a life-altering condition that requires timely attention and care. So, what are the signs you should be on the lookout for?

Diabetes in pets – Monitoring their health, by Dr Ingrid Goodman

There are a number of ways to monitor your pet’s diabetic control and their blood sugar (glucose). In this article we take you through 6 options.

How-to manage itchy skin in dogs & cats, by Dr Evie Knight

While it may seem like a superficial concern, maintaining a healthy skin and coat for your pets is far more than just aesthetics; it’s a crucial aspect of their overall health and happiness.

What’s the best cat litter?

Discover the different types of cat litter alongside a list of pros and cons to help you decide which is best for your cat.

Dog & cat teeth cleaning: 11 FAQs answered

Have questions around dog or cat teeth cleaning? We answer the most common questions Pet Owners have about brushing pets teeth.

The importance of desexing pets, by Dr Ingrid Goodman

Desexing pets is a vital step towards mitigating Australia’s growing homeless animal crisis. As a responsible pet owner, desexing dogs and cats can reduce the strain on animal shelters and improve the overall welfare of pets.

How often should you change cat litter?

Are you not sure how often you should change cat litter? We review the factors affecting how long you can wait before scrubbing out your litter tray.

Zylkene: How it helps anxiety & stress in pets

Discover the reasons why so many people are choosing Zylkene to treat their pet’s anxiety in a natural, risk-free way.

Best price on Bravecto

Tick and flea treatments can be costly. Luckily, Pet Chemist offers the lowest prices on Bravecto products and the best savings for Bravecto on a budget.

How an online pharmacy works in Australia

In a world where everything is done online, is it safe to order our pet’s medication online too? Here’s how Australian online animal pharmacies work.

3 ways to protect your pet against parasites

Learn how to identify parasites, recognise symptoms, and most importantly how to help your pet avoid getting any of these nasties!

What are the top flea treatments for dogs and cats?

You want to get rid of fleas fast but that’s not so easy when there are so many different products to choose from! With this list of the best treatments on the market, you can take the guesswork out of flea prevention.

Benefits of hemp seed oil for dogs & cats

It’s time to set the record straight about hemp seed oil for pets! Is it beneficial, or is it just going to leave them feeling a little loopy? Learn more about this cannabis-derived dietary supplement.

How to care for your cat’s teeth?

It may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s everything you need to know about cat dental care and brushing your cat’s teeth.

Stay alert! Fleas, ticks and worms are active all year

While some common parasites in dogs and cats will be less active as we come into cooler months, prevention is much easier than the cure! (especially when it comes to a flea infestation). Paralysis ticks are also present year-round, so we must be vigilant when it comes to parasite prevention. Read on to learn more… Continue reading Stay alert! Fleas, ticks and worms are active all year

​How to tell your cat’s age in human years

You celebrate your cat’s birthday every year, but do you know how old they would be in human years? Learn more about how cats age to find out!