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How an online pharmacy works in Australia

How an online pharmacy works in Australia

If you’re googling “pet medication online Australia,” you may wonder how an online animal pharmacy works. Using a pet pharmacy online is a convenient way to get your dog, cat, or other animal’s medication, prescription diets, and preventative treatments delivered right to your door at much lower prices than what you would typically pay in your vet’s office.

But how does this kind of animal pharmacy work exactly? And is it safe to use for your animals?

How an online animal pharmacy works in Australia

An online animal pharmacy is a service that offers a range of animal health care products sourced from registered pharmacies and veterinary wholesalers. They supply veterinary diets, medications & preventative treatments, toys, treats, and other products from the chemist directly to your door.

Essentially, an online vet pharmacy works this way:

  • It requires you to upload pen-written authorisation from your veterinarian for prescription medications. This allows you to order prescription medication for your pet online. It also provides a selection of other healthcare and maintenance products for various animals.
  • It uses a registered pharmacy to supply, process, and dispense all healthcare products.
  • The animal-specific pharmacy makes use of reputable and regulated medications and products only.
  • It allows you to select your courier & shipping options to deliver nationwide to your door.
  • It has experts available online to help you find what you need and provides good customer service.

Why use an online vet pharmacy?

With the pressures of modern life and the rising cost of living, using an online pharmacy for your pet may be more than just a convenient option. It may be a necessity. Here’s why so many animal owners are switching to online pharmacies:

  • Online pet pharmacies are convenient

As our daily to-do lists grow longer every day (does anyone really have a work-life balance?), it is far simpler to quickly and easily order our pet’s medications online and have them delivered to our door.

Since an online store also provides food, toys, and other products, it’s a one-stop shop for all animal product needs. And you can do it all on your smartphone or laptop in a few minutes.

Not only does this leave us with more precious time to spend with our pets, but it’s a massive bonus for people with limited mobility or elderly pet owners.

Autoship options are another major advantage. For instance, if you have a dog with dermatitis and need a Royal Canin Veterinary Diet, this subscription means their food is delivered regularly and on time. This way, you don’t risk running out.

One study shows that up to a third of pet owners don’t give their dogs regular tick and flea medication. Many of us simply forget to keep up with our pet’s parasite treatments. Arranging a subscription is a wonderful way to keep your dog or cat protected before your home is infected with flea eggs and other nasties.

  • Online animal pharmacies save you a lot of money

There’s no denying that pet medication can punch a massive hole in our monthly budget, so it’s essential to save where we can.

Luckily it’s far cheaper to order your pet’s medications and other goodies through a reputable online pharmacy than anywhere else. At Pet Chemist, you can save up to 50% off the price of pet medication compared to your vet. 

  • Online animal pharmacies cater for a wide range of animals

Does your rescued joey or baby possum need a milk replacer or probiotic? Need a mite spray for your parrot? Online stores like Pet Chemist have you covered. 

  • Online pharmacies can help you find cheaper medication

Online pharmacies don’t stock every medication on the market. However, suppose your pet has chronic medication costing you an arm and a leg. You can ask our staff at Pet Chemist to get a price for any medication from the pharmacy who can often source the same medication for you at a much lower cost.

Are online pet pharmacies safe?

Regulated online pharmacies in Australia are safe as registered Australian pharmacies supply their medicine. However, it is vital to do your research before using one. Before ordering medication online for your pet, always check the following:

  • Know where the online animal pharmacy gets their products

Any medication you get online must be supplied, processed, and dispensed by Australian registered pharmacists. 

  • Check that online prescription medication is registered

Any prescription medication must be registered with the Australian Government. If you aren’t sure, take a second to google the medication or check with the TGA or APVMA directly.

  • Check for veterinary prescription requirements

An online pharmacy does not eliminate the need for a vet and will not accept prescriptions from online telemedicine veterinarians. No reputable pharmacy will be able to dispense you a prescription medicine without a prescription and this is up to your vet’s discretion.  

Final thoughts

While in-person veterinary care is essential, online animal pharmacies are increasingly essential. The demands of daily life make it vital that we get our pet care essentials as easily and quickly as possible.

Furthermore, as the cost of living rises, online shops like Pet Chemist make food and your pet’s healthcare more affordable, accessible and most of all convenient.


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