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Nationwide shortage of tick anti-serum (TAS)

Nationwide shortage of tick anti-serum (TAS)

Important alert

We wanted to reach out to our customers to share an important update with you regarding a nation-wide shortage of paralysis tick anti-serum (TAS).

What is TAS?

Much like snake anti-venom, paralysis Tick Anti-Serum (TAS) is the only treatment available to assist in counteracting the effect of a tick’s deadly toxin in your pet.

TAS is literally life-saving and with numerous factors impacting its supply, such as a sudden increase in demand due to tick resurgence and the change in weather, veterinary clinics around Australia are impacted by this shortage.

If there’s ever been a time to be diligent, it’s NOW.

Don’t leave your pet unprotected. Stock up on parasite control to get you through the most active season for fleas & ticks.

This is a result of a sudden increase in demand due to tick resurgence with the change in weather.
– Australian Veterinary Association


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