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Joint Care

Caring for your aging companion: Essential tips for senior dog and cat wellness

Learn to care for your senior dog or cat during Senior Pet Month. Discover key products and insights for their health, diet, and comfort with Pet Chemist.

Antinol PCSO-524 (60 gel capsules) discontinued

Antinol PSCO-524 (60 gel capsules) has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced with Antinol Rapid. Antinol Rapid contains both PSCO-524 (the active ingredient in Antinol), plus specially extracted krill oil. The nutrient synergy between these two ingredients may provide a greater anti-inflammatory effect than the original Antinol formulation. Antinol Rapid is available in boxes… Continue reading Antinol PCSO-524 (60 gel capsules) discontinued

Antinol Rapid, joint supplement for your pet

Antinol Rapid is a groundbreaking next step when it comes to canine joint health and mobility. It is clinically proven to work as an antioxidant and as a powerful anti-inflammatory, which helps to protect our best friend’s joints so that they can run and play without joint pain.

4CYTE For Dogs: Is this the best joint supplement for dogs?

When it comes to large breeds, seniors, or dogs with joint disorders, we need to prioritise their joint care. So what is 4CYTE and why is so good for your dog’s joints?