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Tick & Worm

FAQs about flea, tick and worming your pet

In this comprehensive guide to flea, tick and worm treatment for dogs and cats, we’ll break down some myths and provide information on signs, symptoms, treatments, and prevention while answering your most frequently asked questions.

Revolution for dog discontinued

Revolution for Dog, manufactured by Zoetis, has been discontinued but we have a range of alternative options available for purchase from Pet Chemist. From Zoetis, there is a chewable product called Simparica Trio that protects against fleas, heartworm, intestinal worms and ticks. For a product that is similar to Revolution, we also sell Neovet, which… Continue reading Revolution for dog discontinued

Flea treatment for dogs: All you need to know

The situation can quickly become unmanageable when fleas get in our homes and on our dogs. So here is a complete guide to flea treatment for dogs.

Best price on Bravecto

Tick and flea treatments can be costly. Luckily, Pet Chemist offers the lowest prices on Bravecto products and the best savings for Bravecto on a budget.

Nationwide shortage of tick anti-serum (TAS)

We wanted to reach out to our customers to share an important update with you regarding a nation-wide shortage of paralysis tick anti-serum (TAS).

Ringworm in dogs – Signs and treatment options

Ringworm in dogs is a fungal infection that often appears as a round-shaped rash – hence the label. Symptoms can differ, but there are several treatment options.

3 ways to protect your pet against parasites

Learn how to identify parasites, recognise symptoms, and most importantly how to help your pet avoid getting any of these nasties!

What are the top flea treatments for dogs and cats?

You want to get rid of fleas fast but that’s not so easy when there are so many different products to choose from! With this list of the best treatments on the market, you can take the guesswork out of flea prevention.

Stay alert! Fleas, ticks and worms are active all year

While some common parasites in dogs and cats will be less active as we come into cooler months, prevention is much easier than the cure! (especially when it comes to a flea infestation). Paralysis ticks are also present year-round, so we must be vigilant when it comes to parasite prevention. Read on to learn more… Continue reading Stay alert! Fleas, ticks and worms are active all year