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Why is EpiOtic being relaunched as EpiOtic SIS?

Why is EpiOtic being relaunched as EpiOtic SIS?

EpiOtic has long been the go-to ear cleanser used by pet parents and veterinarians alike, so why is EpiOtic being relaunched as EpiOtic SIS?

According to the RSPCA, ear infections are among the top five reasons pet owners seek veterinary care for their dogs. Since recurring ear infections can be hard on the wallet, preventing ear infections is a vital part of pet care.

Proper ear care can go a long way in preventing ear infections and other ear-related issues in dogs. Ear cleaning is a crucial aspect of ear care, and the product used for ear cleaning is just as important. So let’s take a closer look at the EpiOtic ear cleanser, and its new incarnation, EpiOtic SIS.

EpiOtic vs. EpiOtic SIS: What’s the difference?

EpiOtic has been a long trusted ear cleaning solution for dogs.

However, a new and improved version of the product, EpiOtic SIS, is set to replace the old formula in April 2023.

EpiOtic SIS is a significant upgrade from the original EpiOtic formula and offers many benefits to dog owners when it comes to removing wax, dirt, and pus from ears.

Here is how EpiOtic SIS compares to the old EpiOtic formula.

1. EpiOtic SIS New Skin Innovative Science Technology

One of the most notable benefits of the new formula is that it contains the new innovative SIS (Skin Innovative Science) technology. SIS technology is the next vital step in good pet ear hygiene. It kills and inhibits the growth and adherence of the fungi and bacteria most commonly responsible for ear infections. In this way it also aids the skin’s natural defense mechanisms.

Another benefit of EpiOtic SIS is that it is gentle and non-irritating to the skin. Many ear cleaning solutions can be harsh and irritate the skin, causing discomfort and even pain to the dog. EpiOtic SIS is specially formulated to be much gentler, making it suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. This is particularly important for dogs with chronic ear issues or those that require frequent ear cleaning.

The key is that it stays an effective disinfectant without damaging the skin or disrupting the natural biome.

2. EpiOtic uses a new Neutral PH balanced formula

EpiOtic SIS is a gentle, pH balanced micellar cleanser that removes wax, debris and reduces smells. This is different from the previous acidic EpiOtic formula that had an acidic pH~2.5.

The neutral PH means that it does not disrupt the healthy microbiome in the skin or damage the skin. It is also safe to use with prescribed ointments and drops.

3. Still has powerful antimicrobial properties

EpiOtic SIS still has the same powerful disinfectant properties of the original formula. Bacteria and yeast thrive in moist environments, so the ear canal is an ideal environment for them. By reducing their adhesion, EpiOtic SIS helps prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast, reducing the likelihood of ear infections.

It’s active ingredients are:

  • 5 mg/mL Disodium EDTA
  • 2 mg/mL Salicylic Acid

4. Reduces bad smells associated with ear infections

Ear infections and discharge are known for the rotten scent. The new EpiOtic SIS reduces bad odours from ear infections or discharge by neutralizing unpleasant smells and providing a good citrus odor instead.

The benefits of EpiOtic SIS are numerous, and the new formula shows a commitment from Virbac to keep improving on their existing winning products.

Which dogs should use EpiOtic SIS?

By using the skin innovative science technology, EpiOtic SIS improves on the original formula, creating a newly optimized ear cleanser. It is ideal for regular cleaning to manage an ear infection and to prevent future ones. EpiOtic SIS should be part of your dog’s grooming kit, especially if your dog:

  • Regularly goes swimming or gets moisture in their ears through other means
  • Is prone to ear infections
  • Suffers from allergies or food sensitivities

Certain dog breeds, such as Labradoodles, Shar Peis, or Bassets, are also more prone to ear infections than others. However, all dogs benefit from a regular and safe ear cleaning routine.

EpiOtic SiS: How to use

Always be sure to have your dog’s ears checked by a vet before using any product in this sensitive area.

Aim the tip of the bottle’s nozzle at the ear canal opening and squeeze into the ear. Gently massage the base of the ear to dislodge wax and dirt. You can read more in our article on how to clean dog ears.

Final thoughts

The benefits of EpiOtic SIS are numerous, and the new formula shows a commitment from Virbac to keep improving on their existing winning products. The SIS technology in EpiOtic SIS offers several benefits, including:

  • A non-irritating, pH neutral formula.
  • Killing and reducing the adhesion of bacteria and yeast.
  • Reducing bad odours.
  • and helping to manage and prevent ear infections.

The gentle and non-irritating nature of the product makes it suitable for dogs with sensitive skin, and the ease of use makes it convenient for dog owners. Dog owners can rest assured that with EpiOtic SIS, they are providing their furry friends with the best ear cleaning solution available.

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