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Important Information About Canine Pain Meds at Pet Chemist

Dispensed by an Australian registered pharmacy

Dispensed by an Australian registered pharmacy

All medication is APVMA  or TGA registered

All medication is APVMA or TGA registered

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Fast & convenient delivery Australia wide

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Legendary customer service team

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As pet owners, it’s hard not to feel concerned when we see our beloved dogs in discomfort and in need of canine pain meds. After all, they’re not just pets; they’re part of our family. But while it can be tempting to go online and order canine arthritis supplements, canine analgesics, or pain meds for dogs as soon as possible, you can make an informed decision when you learn more about canine pain first. 

With that, we at Pet Chemist offer you helpful information about canine pain meds and how we can help you save money on them in this article.

Common causes of pain

Recognising when our pets are in pain is an important part of caring for them. However, it’s understandable that this is something that can leave many pet owners feeling anxious. Remember that, much like in humans, canine pain, especially for senior dogs, can be a sign of various underlying issues. Here are some common causes of pain in dogs:

  • Arthritis: Often seen in older dogs, arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that leads to pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. This condition can significantly affect a dog's quality of life, making even simple activities challenging.
  • Injuries: Whether it's a fracture, sprain, or muscle strain, traumatic injuries can cause acute pain in dogs. Immediate veterinary care is crucial in these cases to ensure proper treatment and pain management.
  • Dental issues: Problems like periodontal disease or tooth abscesses can cause considerable discomfort in dogs. Dental care and check-ups play a pivotal role in maintaining oral health and preventing associated pain.

When to seek vet help

It’s natural to feel concerned when you notice something amiss with your furry friend. After all, they can’t tell us in words what they need, whether it’s canine pain meds, dog anxiety meds, or flea ointment for dogs. Being aware of the signs of discomfort in dogs is crucial. Our canine companions rely on us to understand their needs and ensure their well-being. That being said, here’s what to keep an eye on:

  • Changes in behaviour: You know your dog's personality best. If they start acting differently, like getting cranky, snapping, or hiding away, it could mean they're in pain. Maybe they're guarding a part of their body more than usual or are desperate for dog pain relief and adequate canine pain management.
  • Eating differently: Pain can mess with your pet’s appetite. If your dog isn't showing much interest in food or seems uncomfortable while eating, it's a red flag.
  • Making more noise: Dogs typically whimper, whine, or bark more when they're in pain. Take note if they make these sounds when they move, when you touch them, or even out of the blue.

If you spot any of these signs, it’s important to get your dog checked by a vet. They’ll do a full check-up to find out what’s wrong and how bad it is. Then, they’ll come up with a plan to help your dog feel better. Such plans sometimes involve giving your pet canine pain meds, dental treats for dogs, or maybe flea and tick treatment for dogs.

Accessing affordable pet medications

When searching for canine pain meds or dog joint supplements, pet owners want nothing more than for their pets to feel better. But it’s natural for pet owners to also want medications that will not empty their wallets. Here are some of the options pet owners have when purchasing essentials for their dogs:


Your vet may be able to recommend pet meds that you can get directly from them. Keep in mind, however, that while this can be convenient, it may not be the cheapest option.

Online pharmacies

Online pet pharmacies offer the convenience of home delivery. However, it can also be expensive to get your pet meds from some online pharmacies. Additionally, you don’t always have the option to shop for other pet supplies you need while you’re already there, which can cost you more in terms of shipping fees.

Pet Chemist: Everything your pet needs, delivered

Imagine cutting your pet care costs without compromising on quality. Here at Pet Chemist, you can save up to 50% on canine pain meds compared to the price at your local vet clinic and enjoy incredible specials across other pet essentials like health and wellness, pet food, parasite control, treats, and toys.

All the medications we offer are dispensed by Australian-registered pharmacies. They are also APVMA- or TGA-registered. You can trust the authenticity of our products, as we source them directly from Australian wholesalers and manufacturers.

Since our inception in 2016, we have processed over 130,000 medication orders. Our extensive range includes over 500 pet medications, covering everything from routine wellness to specific health conditions. But we don’t just stop at medications; we’re your one-stop shop for all pet healthcare products. With that, you can get everything your pet needs delivered to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I give my dog over-the-counter pain medication?

When considering over-the-counter pain medication for your dog, it’s ideal to consult with a veterinarian first. Every dog is unique, and what might be safe for one might not be for another. Your vet can offer personalised advice and may recommend specific prescription medications that are more suitable for your dog’s condition. 

How do I administer pain medication to my dog?

Administering pain medication to your dog should always be done following your veterinarian’s instructions. This includes how to administer it, the right dosage, and the appropriate timing. It’s important to follow these directions carefully to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort. They can also answer any doubts or questions you may have about the process.

Are there specific pain medications for arthritis in dogs?

Dealing with arthritis in dogs requires specific types of pain medication, which should be prescribed by a veterinarian. These medications are tailored to address the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis, and your vet can determine the best option based on your dog’s individual health and specific needs. Consulting with a vet ensures that your dog receives the right arthritis relief for dogs. 

Pet medications don’t have to be expensive 

Pet Chemist is here to help you get the canine pain meds your dog needs to feel better at affordable prices. But the savings we offer don’t stop there. We also offer fast delivery on top of weekly promotions and discounts, giving you even more value for your money.

Placing an order with us is easy and hassle-free too. Whether you need a canine joint supplement or vet-prescribed pain meds, our wide range of products increases the chances that you’ll find exactly what your pet needs. With our user-friendly website, you can buy pet essentials from the comfort of your home. 

Order pain relief for dogs and more at Pet Chemist today!

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