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Your Guide to Dog Deworming Tablets By Australia’s Top Rated Pet Chemist


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Learning about dog deworming tablets can give us pet owners the chance to stay on top of our dog’s overall well-being.

For this reason, we at Pet Chemist have provided this in-depth article discussing how dewormers function, the kinds of dewormers available, general dewormer routines, what worm treatment dogs can be given, and much more.

How do deworming tablets work for dogs?

Canine deworming tablets generally work by combating internal parasites within your pet’s body. These dog health tablets contain active ingredients that generally target parasites such as roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, and others. 

Such elements act by either paralysing these dog parasites or disrupting their vital processes. Then, these parasites are expelled from your dog's system through their faeces during natural waste elimination. 

Ultimately, dog deworming tablets are important as they could help you maintain your dog's health and well-being. This is because signs of worms or other parasites may cause various health issues like digestive problems and nutrient deficiencies such as vomiting, diarrhoea, anaemia, and weight loss.

At Pet Chemist, we understand the need for quality pet healthcare products, and that’s why we carry the best brands in one place. For example, in providing parasite-control measures, we have options like NexGard SPECTRA or Simparica Trio for dogs, so you can easily compare and find out what’s suitable for your dog and your specific budget.

Are there different types of dog deworming tablets?

Deworming medication for dogs is available in two different types: broad-spectrum dewormers and targeted dewormers. 

Broad-spectrum dewormers are considered all-rounders, potentially tackling a range of parasites common in dogs, including roundworms and tapeworms. On the other hand, targeted dewormers usually focus on particular parasites. 

As such, it’s also important to note that these two types can also come in prescribed and over-the-counter options. 

Prescribed and over-the-counter products at Pet Chemist

Whether you’re in need of prescribed or over-the-counter products, you can conveniently order from Pet Chemist. We’ll facilitate your order so you can secure items from a pet pharmacy online – all through our intuitive website.

For canine pain meds or other prescribed medication, simply secure a pen signed prescription from your pet’s regular vet. After that, you can quickly complete our easy online ordering procedure in just a few steps.

  1. Place your order. Continue navigating our website to select the prescribed medication, and complete the checkout process as you would with an over-the-counter order. Should you need help, rest assured that our live chat support is ready to assist you.
  2. Upload your pet’s prescription. After payment, you'll be prompted to upload the prescription digitally, along with some additional details regarding your pet’s specific medication needs.
  3. Mail the original copy. Lastly, mail us the original prescription copy to our free reply paid PO Box address:

Pet Chemist Pharmacy

Reply Paid 89752

PO Box 999

Tweed Heads

NSW 2485

Remember that we require original, pen signed prescriptions. If your vet only emailed the prescription to you, then please request that they post the original pen signed prescription to us directly.

Once all that is settled, we’ll facilitate the supply of prescription medications by an Australian registered pet pharmacy that’ll dispense your package. 

How often should I give my dog deworming tablets?

How often you give your dog deworming tablets is typically based on various factors like age, health, lifestyle, and, of course, dewormer type. 

However, deworming for senior dogs or full-grown dogs should generally happen biannually or quarterly if needed. As for younger dogs, they’re more prone to worms. They’ll usually require frequent puppy parasite treatment every two to four weeks until they reach four months. At that point, they can then take dog deworming tablets as an adult dog would. 

What’s more, if your dog frequently stays in locations with high exposure to parasites or perhaps even other dogs, then they may need more regular deworming.

Finally, always keep in mind that it’s best practice to consult with your vet if you need more personalised advice and guidance for your dog. 

They can even conduct dog parasite checks and run an assessment to better understand treatment requirements. You should also adhere to the dosage directions on your specific dewormer unless otherwise specified by your vet. 

At Pet Chemist, we make it easy for you to stick with your dog’s individualised routine. Never run out of essential over-the-counter supplies with our AutoShip feature, and for prescribed medications, we can even hold onto your repeats if the prescription calls for it.

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