Interceptor Blue 22-45kg Large Dogs

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“Post original prescription to: PO Box 999, Tweed Heads, NSW 2485”

$39.95 - $66.95

Interceptor Spectrum Blue for large dogs weighing between 22kg and 45kg is a tasty monthly all wormer chewable tablet that protects your dog from heartworm, intestinal worms and tapeworm.

  • Protects against heartworm when given monthly
  • Treats and controls all major intestinal worms, including roundworm and hookworm
  • Treats and controls adult tapeworm

Interceptor Spectrum Tasty Chews active ingredients are milbemycin oxime and praziquantel. Milbemycin helps protect against heartworm, roundworm, hookworm and whipworm, while praziquantel kills all intestinal forms of tapeworm.

Dosing Sizes

Dog weight Dose size Pack colour
0-4kg Very small dogs Orange
4-11kg Small dogs Green
11-22kg Medium dogs Yellow
22-45kg Large dogs Blue

Worming Schedule

Puppies 2, 4, 8, 12 weeks of age, then monthly
Adults Once a month
Pregnant bitches At mating, before whelping, then monthly

Safety Information

Interceptor Spectrum Tasty Chews can be safely used in puppies from 2 weeks of age, breeding males and females, pregnant females, and in collies sensitive to ivermectin.

Please see the Novartis website for more information.

Worming Only