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Dispensed by an Australian registered pharmacy

Dispensed by an Australian registered pharmacy

All medication is APVMA  or TGA registered

All medication is APVMA or TGA registered

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Fast & convenient delivery Australia wide

Legendary customer service team

Legendary customer service team

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Great service and communication

Great service and communication

“Went to the vet for my 10 yo dog who now needs ongoing medication. Pet chemist easy to order, fast delivery and less than half the price of the vet for exactly the same product. I have recommended this company to all of my friends.”

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Great service and communication




Prescription FAQs

To order medication for your pet through Pet Chemist Online, the first step is to obtain a written prescription from your vet. Then you can search for the relevant medication (or ask us for help!) and place an order online. The last step is to post the prescription to our PO Box.

A written authorisation from your vet in the form of a prescription is required so the pharmacist can dispense medication for your pet. Pet Chemist Pharmacy cannot provide any prescription medication without a written prescription.

Pet Chemist Online is not a pharmacy but facilitates the supply of prescription medications by an Australian registered pharmacist through our website. All medication supplied on acceptance of your order by the pharmacist will be supplied by Pet Chemist Pharmacy (ABN: 70 621 918 965, NSW Pharmacy Registration Number: PC0030385). All medication supplied by Pet Chemist Pharmacy is dispensed by Australian registered pharmacists in accordance with national and state legislation.

Yes. When purchasing prescription medication through Pet Chemist Pharmacy you know that:

  • All prescription medication supplied is sourced from Australian veterinary wholesalers or direct from the manufacturer,
  • All medication supplier is registered with the Australian Government through either the TGA or APVMA,
  • All medication supplied is processed and dispensed by Australian-registered pharmacists.

Once you've placed an order for pet medication, you are required to post the original pen signed prescription to our free reply paid PO Box address:

Pet Chemist Online

Reply Paid 89752

PO Box 999

Tweed Heads

NSW 2485

In line with Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and state veterinary board guidelines, Pet Chemist Pharmacy cannot accept prescriptions from online-only telemedicine veterinary businesses.

Pet Chemist Pharmacy requires original pen signed prescriptions. If your vet only emailed the prescription to you, then please request that they post the original pen signed prescription to us directly.

While we find that most veterinarians in Australia are usually more than happy to write a prescription, they are not legally required to do so when requested. If your vet is unwilling to write a prescription, then you can try to find another vet in your area who is happy to write prescriptions (we find that the vast majority of vets are happy to write prescriptions). Your pet will require a full consultation with the new vet before they can write a prescription.

Veterinary prescriptions are valid for up to 12 months (unless a shorter date is specified by your vet) or until all of the repeats on the prescription are used up, whatever comes first. Please note that some special types of prescriptions have shorter expiry dates.

If your vet has not included repeats, or has specified “no repeats”, then the prescription is valid for one supply only and we will need a new prescription for your next order.

No, since a prescription is only valid for up to 12 months, your vet cannot write an "ongoing" prescription. Furthermore, we are only allowed to supply up to the quantity that your vet authorises on the prescription. Once we have supplied what your vet authorises on the prescription, we will need a completely new prescription to provide more medication.

If your vet has authorised one (1) repeat, this means that they are authorising the initial quantity (i.e. 1 bottle), plus one repeat – therefore there are two supplies (i.e. 2 bottles) in total.

For the vast majority of our clients, we hold their repeats, so that they don’t have to keep posting in the original prescription prior to every repeat order. This helps to reduce cost and speed up the process of ordering repeats.

Yes. The repeat prescription is your property, so if you want it returned, our pharmacist has a professional obligation to facilitate this. You may be charged for the cost of return postage, if required.

Our range of products and those available for supply by the pharmacist is constantly growing, but if there is a product you can obtain from your regular veterinarian that is not listed on our website, then please contact us via live chat as it may be able to be sourced for you at a much lower cost.

The 5% discount applies automatically at checkout when you have BOTH a prescription medication and a retail product in your cart. The discount is only valid for the retail product and is not available in conjunction with any other discounts.

Pet Chemist Online is an online pet business focused on health care related products. Our mission is to make managing your pet’s health easier and significantly more affordable by providing a trusted online source of low cost pet health products and medication.

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