Advantage Green Small Dog 0-4kg

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“Post original prescription to: PO Box 999, Tweed Heads, NSW 2485”

$47.95 - $61.95

Advantage Green for puppies and small dogs weighing up to 4kg is an easy to use, monthly spot-on treatment that protects your dog from fleas, by killing adult fleas as well as flea larvae and eggs.

  • Kills adult fleas and protects against flea re-infestation for a month
  • Kills flea larvae and eggs
  • Provides fast relief, stops fleas biting within 3 to 5 minutes of application

Advantage is Fast Acting

As well as killing adult fleas, Advantage kills flea eggs and larvae to break the flea life cycle and protect your dog from flea re-infestation for a whole month. It provides fast relief, stopping fleas from biting within 3 to 5 minutes of application and kills the adult fleas and larvae within 20 minutes.

Safety Information

Advantage is safe for puppies of any age, as well as pregnant and lactating females.

Fleas Only