AeroKat Feline Aerosol Chamber

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The AeroKat Feline Aerosol Chamber is designed to be used with a metered dose inhaler (puffer) as recommended by a veterinarian to deliver aerosol medication to cats with respiratory diseases.

Approximately 1 in 100 cats has asthma, which may be underestimated. Additionally, symptoms may often be confused with hairballs. Asthma usually affects cats between 2 and 8 years of age with Siamese and Himalayan breeds having a higher prevalence.

AeroKat Feline Features

  • Target specific lung delivery of medication.
  • Controls and alleviates airway inflammation and airway obstruction.
  • Patented ‘Flow-Vu’ indicator enables accurate counting of inhalations.
  • Exhalation valve directs the flow of air away from your cat to prevent irritation.
  • Two mask sizes to accommodate all breeds and sizes of cats.

AeroKat Feline Benefits

  • Accurate directing of aerosolized pharmaceuticals to the lungs and small airways.
  • Improved drug safety and efficacy by reducing total therapeutic dose required.
  • Convenient, portable chamber.
  • Simple to use and easy to clean.
  • Reduces the risk of side effects and stresses associated with pills, syrups or injections.

Instructional Video

AeroKat Feline Aerosol Chamber Instructional Video (external link)