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Dispensed by an Australian registered pharmacy

Dispensed by an Australian registered pharmacy

All medication is APVMA  or TGA registered

All medication is APVMA or TGA registered

Fast & convenient delivery Australia wide

Fast & convenient delivery Australia wide

Legendary customer service team

Legendary customer service team

Pet prescriptions simplified


Obtain a prescription from your vet


Place an order and upload your prescription


Post your original prescription to our PO Box

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Having prescriptions filled by a qualified vet chemist has never been easier. 

Need to have gabapentin for cats delivered to your home? Are you looking for a trusted pharmacy that carries Cytopoint (lokivetmab) injections for dogs? Turn to Pet Chemist for your pet’s medication needs so we can bring you home delivery from a pet pharmacy online and make managing your animal companion’s health as seamless as it should be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the role of a veterinary chemist?

A veterinary chemist, or vet chemist, is a registered professional who is trained to ensure your pets receive the precise medication they require. Aside from dispensing veterinary prescription drugs for pets, some are qualified to compound medications tailored to your pet’s unique needs.

At Pet Chemist, we understand the vital role that a vet chemist plays and want to make it easier for you to get your pet’s medications filled by one of these professionals. That’s why we carry a wide range of over 500 pet medications, all of which are TGA- or APVM-registered, that you can shop for and have dispensed by an Australian registered pharmacy.

Our partnership with Australian registered pharmacies ensures that every medication you order is handled by a qualified vet chemist. Rest assured, your pet’s medication needs are in competent hands.

How to order pet prescription medication

  • Get a prescription. If you don’t have one yet, obtain a prescription from your vet during your pet’s next visit.
  • Shop for your pet care needs. Search for the pet medicine you’re looking for on our website and follow the seamless checkout process. Remember, our live chat support is here to help you with any concerns about your order.
  • Submit your prescription online. After paying for your order, upload your prescription along with any additional information needed. 
  • Mail the original prescription. Lastly, send the original pen-signed prescription to our PO Box. It’s crucial for the assigned vet chemist to have the original document. If you only have online vet prescriptions with you, ask your vet to mail the physical pen-signed prescriptions to us directly.

Whether it’s coming from you or your vet, make sure that the prescription is sent to this address:

Pet Chemist Pharmacy

Reply Paid 89752

PO Box 999

Tweed Heads NSW 2485

What are the benefits of using an online vet chemist?

The main perk of having your medications dispensed by a vet chemist online is the convenience. It is a huge advantage to be able to search, order, and get your beloved pet’s medication needs without having to go from one pet pharmacy to another to figure out which establishment carries them. Plus, the broader range of options available online opens up a world of choices for your beloved pets.

However, that doesn’t mean you should turn to just any platform that provides this service. The ease and convenience you experience while managing your pet’s medications are important, and choosing a platform that delivers those at an exceptional level is vital. Given that, here’s how Pet Chemist fits the bill. 

Beyond your typical furry friends 

At Pet Chemist, our commitment extends beyond just common household pets. We understand that every animal is unique, and their needs are just as varied. Our range includes products for a wide variety of animals, from domestic friends like dogs, cats, and rabbits to farm animals and wildlife critters. 

Whether you’re looking for pain meds for dogs or supplements for your horse, we’ll give you convenient access to a vet chemist. 

Comprehensive pet care

Our platform is a one-stop shop not just for medication and supplements but also for a vast array of pet wellness products. We believe in holistic care, which means providing access to all the best brands in one place for a variety of animal health supplies like pet food, dental treats for dogs, and bird cage cleaners.

Legendary customer support

What truly sets us apart is our legendary Aussie customer support team. If you’ve got any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to us. You’ll find that our staff’s warmth and expertise make the experience of managing your pet’s health a less daunting one. 

Can I save money by purchasing pet medications online?

By eliminating the need for repeated trips to a vet pharmacy, purchasing from an online vet medication supplier can help you save on travel costs. However, with Pet Chemist, your savings don’t end there. 

We take pride in making pet care more affordable for our customers. When you order with us, you can save up to 50% on your pet medication compared to a traditional vet chemist. At Pet Chemist, we know how crucial it is to stay on top of your pet’s health and want to make that journey less of a financial strain on you. 

Plus, our commitment to affordable pet healthcare doesn’t just apply to medications; you can also get great deals on the other pet health products we carry. When you purchase any prescription medication from us, you can get 5% off retail products. Plus, our user-friendly platform is designed to highlight the best offers and items on sale so you don’t miss out on any excellent deals. 

Your partner in pet care

Pet Chemist is trusted by over 100,000 Aussie pet owners, and it’s no wonder why. By choosing us, you’re not only saving significantly on pet medications but also entrusting a team dedicated to the highest standards of care. 

Turn to our wide range of pet care products, unmatched customer support, and convenient services, and you’ll see firsthand how we can enhance the experience of managing the health of your beloved pets. 

Join Pet Chemist today and discover the experience of pet medications made easy. Shop now!

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