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Product Updates

Enzyplex digestive supplement for dogs discontinued

Enzyplex Digestive Supplement For Dogs (750g) has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We recommend that you contact your vet to discuss alternatives. Enzyplex digestive supplement for dogs contains enzymes to improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients. It is recommended to only administer Enzyplex as directed by your veterinarian.

Revolution for dog discontinued

Revolution for Dog, manufactured by Zoetis, has been discontinued but we have a range of alternative options available for purchase from Pet Chemist. From Zoetis, there is a chewable product called Simparica Trio that protects against fleas, heartworm, intestinal worms and ticks. For a product that is similar to Revolution, we also sell Neovet, which… Continue reading Revolution for dog discontinued

Antinol PCSO-524 (60 gel capsules) discontinued

Antinol PSCO-524 (60 gel capsules) has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced with Antinol Rapid. Antinol Rapid contains both PSCO-524 (the active ingredient in Antinol), plus specially extracted krill oil. The nutrient synergy between these two ingredients may provide a greater anti-inflammatory effect than the original Antinol formulation. Antinol Rapid is available in boxes… Continue reading Antinol PCSO-524 (60 gel capsules) discontinued

Why is EpiOtic being relaunched as EpiOtic SIS?

Virbac is releasing the new EpiOtic SIS to replace the much loved EpiOtic ear cleanser. What is this new formula and how is it different from the old one?

Nationwide shortage of tick anti-serum (TAS)

We wanted to reach out to our customers to share an important update with you regarding a nation-wide shortage of paralysis tick anti-serum (TAS).